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An Easy Guide For Finding The Right Bar Stools!

Regardless of whether you want furniture for your new office or bar, or need to get a couple of options for a personal bar at home, bar stools are important. Bars tools come in all shapes and sizes, and there are some standard options that can fit most requirements. Here are some quick tips that will help in selecting the right option.

Consider the height

The height of bar stools is the first and most important factor to consider. The average height is usually between 22 and 36 inches. The table that will be paired with the new stools does have an impact on the final choice, because you want the height of the stools to be lower, so that the person can sit comfortably while enjoying a drink. New bar stools do have adjustable height feature, which is a good option when you want to same stools for different arrangements.

Think of aesthetics

The highest bar stools are called stadium tools, and some can be as high as 36 inches. This is more desirable when you want people from a certain counter to see the TV or other entertainment comfortably. In general, stools don’t always have a backrest, but since people enjoy their bar time for hours, finding a stool that comes with a backrest is always a good idea, especially for homes. The style also makes an impact on rest of the interiors, so keep that in mind and pick stools that work in sync with the theme. All bar stools for a given counter should always look the same.

Keep other aspects in mind

While having a swivel base is not a must for bar stools, it is worth considering for commercial spaces where people expect more. As for the look of the stools, you want it to be more contemporary, so opting for a metal finish is always a wise idea. Many homeowners also prefer the idea of a more cushioned seat, which is a great way to add comfort. The seat size is also important, because you would want people to fit in. Some stools have really small seats, so keep that in consideration.

As for shopping for bar stools, online stores are a better choice as you can find more choices and better discounts. It is also easier to consider the aesthetics and style, given that you can check all the new trending styles.

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